Christianity Explored


Starting October 31st 2012 and for the next seven weeks  a course called Christianity Explored has been held at Croydon Salvation Army. This is an account from Drew McCombe one of the leaders of this course.

I would want to commend to anyone this excellent course. It’s a course based on questions that people bring plus some generic questions about Jesus, who He is , what He did and what He has to do with your life story. A typical evening starts with a meal and chat, then a chance to discuss people questions about faith or the Gospel of Mark which is the basis of the exploration. Then there is an excellent short talk by Rico Tice who is a minister of All Souls Langham Place where the course originated from. This is followed by some questions arising out of the talk. During the 7 weeks there is an opportunity to read through Marks Gospel in your own time.
For me it was a great chance to get to know people well and a safe place to ask questions and discover faith in this day and age. Croydon will run this again and I look forward to helping on this course  – its a great opportunity – because we are the Choices we make.