Easton Band serve up a feast

If you have had the experience of visiting a top class restaurant and enjoyed fantastic food and service you will know that a key aspect is that the portions of each course are just the right size and leave you feeling satisfied but not over full. This was the musical experience enjoyed by the congregation at a concert provided by Bristol Easton Band at Croydon Salvation Army.


The opening of the concert set the tone for the evening with the band in an unconventional formation with the trombones in the centre and cornets on either flank of the band to secure our visual and listening attention. Although the band soon returned to the traditional formation our interest was held throughout the evening by a variety of pieces including solos from Daniel Sharpe Flugel Horn, Andrew Newell Trombone, Stephen Kane Euphonium and Martyn Bryant Cornet. Further variety was provided by a trombone feature and a vocal ensemble.


What I struggle to convey in this post is the rich quality of sound that the band and the soloists achieved it was thrilling, stirring, rhythmical, lyrical, up lifting and often simply beautiful.

Bandmaster Anthony Smith and the members of Bristol Easton Band thank you for a memorable evening.