The Well Volunteer Role Description                                                             

Title of Role: Engagement Worker.

Purpose of Role: To actively and meaningfully engage with visitors to The Well to work towards the goals set in the Mission Statement.

Main Tasks/Activities:

  • To contribute towards the creation of a welcoming and supportive environment in order to develop the self-esteem and social confidence of visitors to The Well.
  • To encourage visitors to The Well to become involved with any appropriate activities that may be taking place at any particular time that is part of the recognised structure.
  • To actively listen to visitors general requirements, needs and if necessary to any concerns that visitors might express and if and when appropriate report it to their line manager, either immediately, during opening hours or at the debrief at the end of each session.
  • To be aware that our availability as well as our ability to be there for the visitors is very important and significant.
  • To develop and maintain effective working relationships with other staff and volunteers at The Well. Wherever possible, to attend both briefing and de-brief for each session.
  • To take part in any training sessions provided if they are considered necessary to promote the aims of the project.
  • To be aware of and report on Health and Safety issues which may affect both staff and visitors to The Well.
  • To adhere to the Code of Conduct for all staff and volunteers of The Well.
  • To promote and adhere to the Equal Opportunities and Confidentiality policies within the Centre.
  • To carry out any other related duties as necessary and appropriate to the post as indicated by circumstance or the Manager.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

Location: Croydon salvation Army – Booth Road

Time Commitment Required: Every Monday from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm

Supervisor: The Project Manager